California Tan is Calgary’s destination for a variety of tanning options. California Tan proudly offers spray tanning, airbrush tanning and numerous standard and luxury tanning beds. No matter your tanning preference we can accommodate. Our Tanning Beds are always fully maintained and the bulbs are replaced frequently. We offer competitive pricing and feature some of the lowest prices for tanning beds in Calgary. We have the latest and best tanning technology available. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call – we’ll be happy to talk with you.

Tanning Options

Tanning Beds

At California Tan, we have a wide range of luxury and standard tanning beds. Try our new Erogline Sun Select Beds & Beauty Angel as well as some of our traditional beds including; The Przyma, Klassik, and Super Cyclone. We can help you get and maintain your perfect tan with state-of-the-art tanning beds.

Our Tanning Beds

  • Ergoline Sun Select 48
  • Ergoline Beauty Angel
  • Klassik Beds
  • The Pryzma
  • Super Cyclone Standup
Tanning Products

At California Tan, we carry high-quality tanning products from Australian Gold, Designer Skin, Swedish Beauty and California Tan. Our team can help you find a lotion that produces a darker, longer-lasting tan. Take advantage of our knowledge and expertise. We offer free advice and consultation to find the best products for you and your skin type, offering daily specials and sales.