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California Tan is where Calgarians come for all of their tanning and laser therapy needs. California Tan is nestled next to South Centre Mall, our convenient location and hours allow our longtime and new clients to enjoy on-demand service. Come visit California Tan today, or schedule your tanning or laser therapy appointment.

UV Benefits

Up to 3/4 of North Americans are deficient in Vitamin D. The sun and UV exposure trigger the body to produce Vitamin D which can help to reduce the risk of cancer, protect the heart and even decrease the chances of getting a cold.

It is important to get sufficient vitamin D, especially in winter. In winter, skies over much of the city are cold and gray, and the days are shorter.

Selective sun exposure should be done in combination with taking a 1,000 IU vitamin D supplement and eating plenty of vitamin D-rich foods to ensure you get the Vitamin D needed, using a safe tanning salon can help maintain your Vitamin D levels.

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